Park It! success

Needless to say, the Park It! event that took place on Waverley Park on Friday the 12th of August was a huge success.

This Park It! event was organised as a partnership between Preston City Council, Community Gateway Association, the police, Lancashire Fire and Rescue, Fishwick Rangers and the Heritage Church, the aim of the day was to engage children and local residents, and give them something fun to do during the summer holidays. Plus, it was a chance to enjoy the nice weather.

And there was lots to do! Hundreds of people showed up from 5pm and stayed until 8pm; many of them had been queuing for ages in order to secure an orange wristband which would let them on the many activities that were available around the park.


Fishwick councillor Martyn Rawlinson and St Matthew’s councillor Jade Morgan supporting the Park It! event.


A few people Zorbing.

Kid petting rabbit

The children were delighted with the opportunity to pet some of the animals.

Fishwick Rangers football net


FOFS had their own stall as well, where they were giving away branded footballs and frisbees, along with homemade jam (made using strawberries from the Waverley Park community garden) and copies of the Year 1 plan. Reception was very positive overall.

People with football

Two happy residents with a FOFS football.

FOFS stall

Martyn Rawlinson and FOFS’ own Treasurer Bob Fletcher, with St Matthew’s councillor Javed Iqbal and a local resident.

FOFS football

FOFS gave away all of the free footballs and frisbees to residents of the area.

People also had the opportunity to write down how they thought the Fishwick and St Matthew’s wards could be improved, and these recommendations have already been forwarded onto local councillors.

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact FOFS at, and we will be happy to help you with whatever you need.