Local Partners – we need your views!

Dear Local Partner,


Want to influence £1m being invested in your area?


As you may know, Friends of Fishwick and St Matthews (FOFS) has received £1m Lottery funding to spend over the next 10 years, which residents themselves are in charge of spending on improving their community. So far they have looked at issues such as Employment, Health and financial inclusion. The group is in the process of putting together its 3rd year plan and need your input.


FOFS would like to hear your views on what’s needed locally and would like to invite you for lunch and a chat on 19th January 2018 between 12-2pm. This will provide an Opportunity for you to find out about Big Local funding and how FOFS have spent it during years 1 and 2.


We’d like you to come prepared with your thoughts and ideas for positive change in Fishwick and St Matthews, particularly where this might compliment work your organisation is investing in.


We will send you some background information and details of the venue when you’ve booked a place but so you are aware it will be held in the local area.


Your views will be used to influence what the FOFS partnership needs to focus on during year 3. If you would like to join us for lunch on Friday 19th January 2018 please let us know by contacting Shanine Meadowcroft on 07825065138 or by email at Shanine.meadowcroft@onward.co.uk by Tuesday 16th January.


We look forward to meeting you.


Yours faithfully

Shanine Meadowcroft

Friends of Fishwick Co-ordinator.