A Busy Week for FOFS

The week starting Monday the 11th of July, it has certainly been a busy week for those who volunteer for FOFS and those living in the local area.

On the 11th, a group of children from St. Matthew’s Church of England Primary School came to Waverley Park, where they, accompanied by FOFS members Councillor Roy Leeming and Bob Fletcher, collected litter and picked strawberries from the community garden. In total, they filled eight bags full of litter and the reception from everyone was very positive – the kids loved it. There are hopes of being able to do a similar day in the near future.

On the 12th, FOFS members Councillor Martyn Rawlinson and Bob Fletcher had an interview with That’s Lancashire TV, where they discussed the Big Local shop front scheme, which is a new project as part of the Year 2 plan and a way to spend the £1 million lottery fund money.

Also on the 12th, another FOFS representative, Councillor Jade Morgan, attended a multi-action day in the Poets Estate in St. Matthew’s, organised by Community Gateway Association in liaison with partner agencies. Some residents of Emmaus helped to fix up bikes that were brought to them by residents, plus there was free dog chipping and skips available for people to dump their rubbish in. The children especially enjoyed the fire engine that was present. Members of the North West fire service and police officers engaged with the residents throughout the day. Reception was positive and people talked and left their comments on how to improve the area with the CGA team. That’s Lancashire TV showed up towards the end of the day and had interviews with various people.

Dog chipping van

The van where the dog chipping was taking place

Emmaus bikes

Some of the bikes that the Emmaus residents fixed

Emmaus and Wasted Lives vans

The Emmaus and Wasted Lives vans


One of the skips that was filled during the day

CGA tent

The CGA tent

Fire engine

The fire engine which all the children loved

On the 15th, various FOFS members got together and went on a walkabout in the Fishwick and St. Matthew’s area, as part of a nice house front competition. 20 homes were picked, 10 from each ward, once they met the set criteria, which our very own Grete described to be “a house you would like to live next to”. The winners will be given shopping vouchers and 5 of those winners will receive hanging baskets.

Would you like to be involved with FOFS and get out and about to help better your community? Contact us at fofspreston@gmail.com. Our newsletter is updated monthly if you want to keep up to date on current goings on.