Big Ideas, Big Local Plan – Year One

We are pleased to announce that the FOFS Big Local Plan has been agreed. It will last for ten years and we will review and renew this every year as we learn more about what’s needed and what works. We will continue to work with local people and organisations to find out where the important gaps and opportunities are. We will keep asking for the ideas that local people have for making Fishwick and St Matthews even better places to live and involve them in how those ideas are put in to practice.

In Year One we want to make a start on the things you told us are important to you – for each of our priority themes we’ve got some ideas that we want to test out:

  • Green space and safe play – We want all our children to have access to safe outdoor play areas and will plan for this over our 10 year programme.
  • Training and employment – We will be working with agencies that support people getting back to work to find out what is needed.
  • Financial inclusion – We will be working with local organisations on a package of support that will help families out of debt and help them stay that way.
  • Social and recreational activities – We want to look at how we can use music and arts to help bring people together and celebrate our community
  • Image and environment – We will bring in expert advice to help us tackle empty and derelict properties that bring our area down.

Big Local Plan Year 1